The Safe@School CD-ROM is a computer-based or e-learning teacher training module. The teacher training module was constructed using current information about the latest research on, and best practices for, assessing and preventing bullying in the school. The training module utilizes COPA's approach to prevention education as its foundation. Specifically, it addresses information on Understanding Bullying, Interrupting Bullying, Healthy Communication, and Mobilizing Your School.

The Safe@School CD-ROM became available in all schools in Ontario at the start of the 2007-2008 school year. A core group of teachers from each school was provided with release time to view and work with the e-learning module on bullying prevention.

The core group of teachers is responsible, in collaboration with the rest of the school staff, to develop an individualized bullying prevention plan to implement in their school. In addition to the release time, all teachers are encouraged to use the CD-ROM or the website at their convenience. Ideally, all teachers will have an opportunity to become familiar with the e-learning bullying prevention materials prior to the creation of their school plan.

The core teachers are asked to post their school's progress report on the Safe@School website three to four months after the creation of their school's plan. These reports are thus available as feedback for modification and updating of program implementation and for other schools to use as a reference.