Equity and Inclusive Education

There is a significant body of work on each of the three equity issues covered in this Professional Learning Module. Indeed, increasingly these issues are being addressed in the school context, engendering the creation of a wide range of resources that are particularly relevant for educators.

We highlight some of these resources in this section, which is divided into four main topic areas:

  • Sexism
  • Racism
  • Homophobia
  • General (i.e. the general topic of equity and inclusion)

Within each section, you will find a further breakdown into the following subsections:

    Reference Materials (articles, reports and books providing a theoretical overview and sensitization to the issue).
    Lesson Plans and Tool Kits (lesson plans and activities intended for teachers to use with their students).
    Resources for Youth (materials intended for independent student use).

Note that resources compiled in this section are not exhaustive but rather give an overview of the type and scope of materials available.

Facilitating Equity Discussions

Addressing equity issues in the classroom can sometimes lead to discussions that may be difficult, painful and/or controversial. COPA has produced a guide on creating a safe and healthy environment for such discussions.