Battling Bullies: What Every Parent Should Know

Paula Todd (56 mins.)
Originally produced for TVOntario, this video explores bullying, including cyberbullying, using examples from across Ontario. Includes discussion of various anti-bullying campaigns and a psychologist's analysis of why people bully.

Bullied, Battered and Bruised

CBC (58 mins.)
This news documentary first aired on CBC Television and reviews the state of bullying in Canada and what can be done to prevent it.


Lee Hirsch and Cynthia Lowen (99 mins.)
This character-driven documentary follows five kids and families over the course of a school year as they struggle with bullying. It provides an intimate, and often shocking, glimpse into homes, classrooms, cafeterias and principals' offices in relation to this issue. Difficult but powerful viewing.

Bully Proof Your Child: Become a Solution-Coach

Teaching Channel (16 mins.)
In this online video, parents at a California school attend a workshop about bullying and work together to find action-oriented solutions to the problem.

Bullying: A Parent's Perspective

TVOntario (13 mins.)
This online video features an interview with Laurie Flasko whose daughter experienced bullying and, as a result, post-traumatic stress disorder. She shares her family's experience and offers suggestions for other parents who may be facing the same issues.

Taking Bullying Seriously

COPA (14 mins.)
This DVD documents the short- and long-term impact of bullying on young people. Children’s viewpoints and adults memories of what it was like to be bullied and how it affects them now form the basis of this unscripted, moving testimonial to the importance of preventing bullying.

To This Day

Shane Koyczan (7 mins.)
This powerful poem about the lasting impacts of bullying, but also the strength of survival, is stunningly illustrated. A must see.