Related Research

Bulling Intervention Strategies That Work

Education World
An excellent online article on school bullying prevention strategies for teachers and administrators. Includes a list of useful links.

Canadian Bullying Statistics

Stop a Bully
Statistics, graphs, and charts provide a picture of the state of bullying in Canada.

Centre for the Study and Prevention of Violence

University of Colorado Boulder
A clearinghouse site for the latest research on bullying and violence prevention. All of the articles are downloadable.

Helping Students who are Experiencing Persistent and/or Serious Discipline Problems to Succeed in School: The State of the Evidence

Shelley Hymel and Natalie Rocke Henderson – University of British Columbia – 2006
Research on suspension indicates that the majority of suspended youth from middle and high schools suffer from serious academic and/or social difficulties. These students include at least three distinct but overlapping groups. This paper gives an overview of what policy makers and educators need to know about each group.
(PDF) Cyberbullying in Schools

Eric Roher – 2007
Cyberbulling is about human relationships, power and control. Young people are increasingly communicating in ways that are often unknown by adults and away from their supervision. Cyberbullies can communicate their hurtful messages to a very wide audience with remarkable speed. This article provides an overview of research on the topic of cyberbullying.

Making a Difference in Bullying: Understanding and Strategies for Practioners

Debra J. Pepler and Wendy Craig – LaMarsh Centre for Research on Violence and Conflict Resolution – 2000
This insightful resource document outlines a systemic approach to bullying strategies and includes a whole school policy outline which thoroughly reviews principles and strategies for working with bullies, targets, and bystanders.

Positive Steps Against Bullying: A Teacher's Guide

Canada Safety Council and NFB – 2001
This guide includes a broad outline for four lessons focusing on bullying and also includes information on how to access other bullying resources, both in print and on DVD.

Shaping Safer Schools: A Bullying Prevention Action Plan

Safe Schools Action Team – Ontario Ministry of Education – 2005
This report presents an action plan for principals, teachers, and other educators, students, parents, and the broader community around bullying-related issues in Ontario schools.

Suspensions and Expulsions: Safer Schools for Whom?

Jennifer Birrell and Paul Marshall
Safety is a fundamental tenet of the education system. Recent years have witnessed increasing violence in schools and shown how vulnerable school communities are. In the wake of such tragedies, safety concerns have grown tremendously. The question that this paper addresses is whether stricter discipline leaves any energy or resources to address other roles and responsibilities.

Suffering in Silence: Teenagers and Suicide

Eric Roher, Borden, Ladner and Gervais Legal Firm – 2012
In Canada, youth suicide is the second leading cause of death (behind motor vehicle accidents) for individuals between the ages of 15 and 19. Persistent bullying is often a precurser to these tragedies. This article reviews the latest Canadian research on teen suicide and discusses the legal ramifications and responsibilities of schools, Boards and governments.

Zero Indifference: A How-to Guide for Ending Name-Calling in Schools

The Anti-Defamation League – 2005
This document provides guidelines for effective intervention in incidents of name-calling in school settings, as well as strategies for creating a safe school environment for all.