COPA's Storybooks for Bullying Prevention

Toof and That Blanket, Specs and the Best Part, and Bouncy and the Any Kind At All Fish are part of COPA's picture-book series that promotes kindness, empathy, being an ally and principles of equity and social inclusion.

In Toof and That Blanket, young Toof experiences courageous self-assurance after being teased during the first days of school. Specs and the Best Part features the story of two young children who learn deeply about empathy, understanding and an invitation to friendship. In Bouncy And The Any Kind At All Fish, Bouncy learns about self-advocacy, assertiveness and being an ally in a bullying situation through a trip to the aquarium.

Download them, order them, listen to the audio books or print the colouring pages here!

Address Bullying Prevention Through Classroom Lessons

The lesson plans contained in this resource are designed to guide teachers in providing specific classroom-based instruction to students preventing or responding to bullying behaviours. Reproducible for use with acknowledgement to Region of Waterloo Public Health, Waterloo Catholic District School Board and Waterloo Region District School Board.

Bullying Awareness Lesson Plans

This site includes a total of fifty complete lesson plans spanning from JK/SK through Grade 12 developed for the Bullying Awareness: Reclaiming Our Schools initiative. Developed in accordance with Ontario Curriculum expectations.

Bullying Prevention Lesson Plans

Peel Public Health
This series of 10 lesson plans is designed for use throughout the school year. They are intended to be used in schools as one part of a comprehensive approach to bullying prevention. Searchable by Primary, Junior or Intermediate levels.

Cyberbullying Lesson Plans

Media Smarts
The lesson plans included here raise student awareness of cyber bullying as an unacceptable behavior. Activities for all grades levels.

Elementary School Bully Lesson Plans

Intermediate Unit 1
This site features a long list of lesson plans on bullying for use in elementary school classrooms.

Focus on Bullying: A Prevention Program for Elementary School Communities

B.C. Safe School Centre
This blueprint for engaging elementary schools communities in addressing the issue of bullying behaviour includes a section (pp. 95-345) of lesson plans for classroom use.

Activities and Lesson Plans

National Crime Prevention Council
A collection of lesson plans and activities created by and for teachers on topics such as bullying, peer pressure, conflict management and media literacy. For students in Grades K-5.

No Name Calling Week: Elementary Level Lesson Plans

No Name-Calling Week is an annual week of educational activities aimed at ending name-calling of all kinds and providing schools with the tools and inspiration to launch on-going dialogues on eliminating bullying in their communities.

Curriculum Resources

The Ophelia Project
This collection of curricular activities contains resources for teaching about relational aggression, self-esteem, bullying and cyber bullying. Includes girls-only and boys-only workshops. Searchable by grade level.

Bullying Resources and Activities

This online bulletin board on bullying includes a variety of resources for classroom use including lesson plans, videos and handouts. Compiled by school counselor Lisa Landy.

Lesson Plans K–12

Safe Schools Coalition
This compendium of lesson plans on bullying and violence prevention is searchable by student level.

Thick-skinned, Thin-skinned, The Skin I’m In: Books about Bullying, Teasing, Relational Aggression and School Violence

The Cooperative Children's Book Center
This annotated bibliography offers titles that authentically address the issues of bullying, teasing, relational aggression, and school violence. The books provide perspectives from the standpoint of being a target, aggressor, observer, or all three and are organized by grade level. A userful tool for classroom learning.

Bullying and Substance Abuse: Who It Affects and Why

Drug Rehab
This is a web resource that provides information about adolescent bullying, addiction, and mental health issues.