Healthy Communication

This component of the training module focuses on an approach to bullying and abuse prevention based on constructive responses fostering dignity and self-worth for everyone involved.

We all have the capacity to be creative, courageous and clear, expressing ourselves in ways that empower both ourselves and others.

When we manage bullying behaviours by stripping others of their power in order to win back our own, we may inadvertently be perpetuating rather than interrupting the cycle of bullying and aggression.

student with raised hand

As teachers, we understand that asserting ourselves in a way that communicates our right to be treated with respect and kindness is a vital part of healthy communication; recognizing others' right to be treated with that same respect and kindness is equally important.

Listening carefully and respecting the personal space of others cultivates a culture of kindness and compassion where the seeds of bullying are less likely to grow. Creating opportunities for students to problem-solve and make decisions promotes their healthy development, and can help reduce the likelihood that they will interact with others in a harmful fashion.

We have a unique forum in which to influence, model and encourage these behaviours through our interactions with students, parents and our colleagues. This is at the heart of creating classrooms, schools and communities that are free from bullying and that are healthy places to be, to grow and to learn.