Taking Bullying Seriously

As part of the Safe@School initiative, COPA and OTF have created a powerful documentary about bullying, called Taking Bullying Seriously. This film includes unscripted testimonies from adults who experienced bullying at school when they were young, describing its impact, short- and long-term. In addition, children weigh in about their perspectives on the subject.

The film is also available on DVD in our boxed set, along with Hear Me Out (equity and inclusion) and a discussion guide. The DVD version is available with closed-captioning.

To order a copy and other components of our S@S multimedia toolkit, please go to our eBoutique on COPA’s website: infocopa.com

NB: Those watching this film sometimes feel disturbed by the material presented. Please consult community supports if so required. We recommend that the film be screened and vetted before showing to others, and in particular to younger people.