Material Obstacles

Discussions in our Equity and Inclusion module about power and identity, and about the systemic nature and dynamics of social marginalization such as homophobia, sexism and racism, inform this section.

“Material” obstacles presented here are understood as manifestations of systemic inequality as experienced by marginalized parents and caregivers that might prevent them from working with schools to prevent bullying and promote equity and inclusion.

Some barriers are experienced similarly by many disenfranchised groups. Poverty or low socioeconomic status intersects with many forms of oppression and are often key indicators of social exclusion. They are also often significant and ubiquitous barriers to parents’ and caregivers’ participation in school initiatives and to their providing support of their children when coping with a bullying situation. Poverty and socioeconomic status have far-reaching impacts on marginalized parents and caregivers, impeding their ability to participate in efforts related to intervention and prevention around bullying and inequity and promoting change.