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The Black Paw

Heather Vogel Frederick
Oz Levinson is always the same no matter what school he goes to. It's always sharks-bullies versus everyone else. What would Oz's hero, James Bond, do? He would make mincemeat of the sharks; but this is not a movie, it's real life: mice vs. rats, kids vs. bullies.
ISBN 0689877536

The Bully Book

Eric Kahn Gale
A trio made up of Eric's former best friend, the tallest kid in class, and a karate-kicking 10-year-old systematically tease and humiliate Eric, eventually turning the entire class against him. When even that isn't enough, they sabotage the friendship of his grade-school crush, Melody Miller. How did fifth grade go so wrong so fast?
ISBN 9780062125118

Bullying: Deal with it Before Push Comes to Shove!

Elaine Slavens
This book will give the reader the know-how to deal with bullying, whether a target, a bully, or a witness. The author explains what bullying is, demystifies it, and gives good suggestions about how to deal with it. The book is presented like a graphic novel with excellent illustrations about all kinds of bullying situations. Quizzes and do's and don'ts are scattered throughout the book.
ISBN 1550287907

The Bully of Barkham Street

Mary Stolz
Martin isn't a bad guy. He can't help it if he's the biggest boy in his sixth grade class, or if his parents would rather yell at him than listen to him. But if Martin wants to lose his label as the neighbourhood bully, he will have his work cut out for him.
ISBN 0064401596

Colder Than Ice

David Pateneaude
Average student Josh is surprised when a popular jock befriends him at his new school. Through warned by others that Corey could have an ulterior motive, Josh continues to bask in reflected glory until a near-tragic afternoon on the local frozen pond. Realistic depiction of the push-and-pull of middle school relationships.
ISBN 0807581356

Dear God, Help!!! Love Earl

Barbara Park
Earl will do anything to avoid the meanest kid in school – even play dead!
ISBN 0679834311

Dog House Blues

Jacqueline Pearce
Erica has been miserable at school, first because her best friend moved away, second because a girl in her class is an expert tease and she is the target.
ISBN 1551433605


Carol Gorman
A sharply witty novel about two school rivals sentenced to a unique form of punishment: battling over board games. This book is an accessible page-turner tackling the serious subject of bullying.
ISBN 9780060570279


Amy Goldman Koss
One Saturday morning, Maya discovers that she has been forced out of her group of friends. Having been invited into the group by Candace, the most popular girl in school, Maya can't understand what she has done to fall out of favour with Candace and therefore the whole group. Each chapter is written in the voice of a different character.
ISBN 0803724942

Lacrosse Face Off

Matt Christopher
When Todd is told by a doctor that he needs to lose weight, he becomes the newest member of his brother's lacrosse team. But Garry is embarrassed by Todd's weight and lack of skill, and is faced with the choice of standing by his brother or winning the high-scorer's approval.
ISBN 0-316-79641-7

Lilly Traps the Bullies

Brenda Bellingham and Clarke MacDonald
Lilly and Theresa run into bullies at the pool, Spider and Bugsy, who tease Theresa but take an interest in Lilly. Lilly faces tough decisions about being a good friend versus trying to fit in. Brenda Bellingham’s story emphasizes the importance of problem-solving and teamwork in standing up to bullying.
ISBN 978-0887809613


Jerry Spinelli
A book about growing up, the importance of the human spirit, and failure. It looks at how children treat each other and how once a label is applied, it sticks.
ISBN 0060001933

Loser's Club

John Lekich
Alex becomes known as "The Saviour" for helping out his fellow losers. He became their hero when he and two friends stood up to a gang of bullies running an extortion ring at their school. Full of comic plot twists that entangle the school administration and their home life, this book will speak to young people who have felt they were living on the periphery of school culture.
ISBN 1550377523 (pbk.)

Newton and the Giant

Michael McGowan and Shelagh NcNulty
Winner of the Silver Birch Award, 2004. A small science nerd is the target of his athletic brother's abuse. When he finds a smelly giant in his attic, an unlikely friendship develops.
ISBN 0006392571

Nose from Jupiter

Richard Scrimger
Alan seems to be a bully magnet. No matter what he tries, he can't avoid the unwelcome attentions of the Cougars. Then he receives unexpected help in the form of Norbert, a sometimes obnoxious extraterrestrial who takes up residence in Alan's nose. And everyone thinks it's Alan who's saying incredibly brave things to the bullies.
ISBN 0887764282

Not a Nickel to Spare: The Great Depression Diary of Sarah Cohen

Perry Nodelman
Sally must contend with anti-Jewish sentiment when she ventures outside her familiar neighbourhood near Toronto's Kensington Market during the depression. Her cousin Benny tries to open Sally's eyes to the wider world, telling her about Hitler's rise in Europe and urging her to stand up for herself.
ISBN 9780439961301

The Other Felix

Keir Graff
Worrying about his father losing his job and the bully at school, fourth-grader Felix has terrifying dreams of the same monster-filled place every night until he meets someone there who looks and sounds strangely familiar.
ISBN 9781596436558

Queen of the Toilet Bowl

Frieda Wishinsky
Renata is chosen to play the lead role in the school musical. However, Karin, who expected to win the role herself, will stop at nothing to ruin Renata.

Toby Scudder, King of the School

David Gifaldi
The humorous yet moving portrait of sixth-grader Toby Scudder as he bullies, pulls pranks, and generally acts out. Forced to write ten pages in his journal or face the consequences of a prank gone bad, Tobey discovers an unsuspected outlet for his mixed up feelings.
ISBN 0-618·55158·1


Jerry Spinelli
Not only is Palmer not looking forward to the annual pigeon shoot, but a pigeon has actually befriended him. How can Palmer protect his bird and maintain his friendships and his loyalties without opening himself up to the jeering of the bullies?
ISBN 0060249137

Zero to Hero

Henry Wrinkler
When Billy Broccoli moves into his new house, he discovers Hoover Porterhouse, a teenage ghost, is haunting his room, and he helps Billy get in style, stand up to bullies, and conquer his new school.
ISBN 9780545298827


Beat the Bully Game

Created by PBS, this online game has students answering quiz questions about bullying to see if they can win a race against a bully. The site also features information and advice about the topic.

Bulling No Way!

This Australian site covers the issue of bullying with an audience of students from age 8-12 in mind. Features various online animated videos on the topic.

Bullying.org: Where You Are Not Alone

This site contains a variety of informative articles for junior and intermediate students. Also includes an online forum where students can share their thoughts, poems or stories on the topic.

Carneigie Cyber Academy

Carnegie Mellon University
This animated site offers an interactive spy-based game that teaches Internet safety and computer security in a safe, fun setting. Mini-games and activities on bullying are also included.

Kids Against Bullying

This animated site on bullying will appeal to children with it's colourfulness and interactivity. Includes FAQs, games, videos and stories.

Kids Help Phone

Designed for students, this excellent website offers help and information; their material is divided into appropriate sections for different age groups: children up to age 12; and ages 13 and up.
Here, kids can have a sympathetic ear: 1-800-668-6868

McGruff The Crime Dog

The National Crime Prevention Council.
Children have the chance to help McGruff The Crime Dog solve problems related to bullying on this vibrant animated website. Features games, videos and advice.

Out on a Limb: A Guide for Getting Along

The University of Illinois
This website features an animated story to help children learn about conflict and bullying and explore how they can address these challenges in their own lives. Includes an online Teachers Guide.

Stop Bullying Kid's Website

US Department of Health and Human Services
This website features information, online animated videos and interactive games and activities all with the aim of teaching children about bullying.

ThinkQuest Stop Bullying

This website was created by kids for kids on the issue of bullying. Featured sections include Dealing with Bullies, Cyberbullying and Promoting Tolerance. Also has an activity area with crosswords, wordsearches and a quiz.

What Kids Need to Know

This website reviews basic information about bullying for kids and includes video content.


The Ant Bully

John A. Davis (89 mins.)
The Ant Bully tells a witty and heartwarming story about a 10-year-old boy who embarks on a remarkable journey. New in town, friendless and tormented by a neighborhood bully, young Lucas Nickle has been taking out his frustration on the innocent ant hill in his yard. But one day the ants retaliate. Using a magic potion, they shrink Lucas down to ant size and sentence him to live like an ant in their colony. In this strange new world Lucas will learn important lessons about friendship, get a whole new perspective on life and ultimately find the courage to stand up for himself.

Apples and Oranges

Lynne Fernie (17 mins.)
This film is designed to raise children's awareness of the harmful effects of homophobia and gender-related name calling, intolerance, stereotyping and bullying. In the course of a lively in-class discussion among elementary students and an equity educator, children's paintings magically dissolve into two short animated stories. In Anta's Revenge , Anta finds out that creativity--not revenge--is the best way to deal with a school bully who makes fun of her for having two moms. Defying Gravity tells the story of Habib and Jeroux, two skateboarding friends whose relationship comes to a screeching halt when one of them finds out the other is gay.

Bully 911: Self Defence to Prevent Bullying

Johnny Gyro and Noel Gyro (86 mins.)
This film inspires confidence in coping with bullies by giving children and youth tools for escaping without getting hurt. The video teaches simple but effective techniques for defending against chokeholds, hair pulling, arm grabs, and more. Also includes a forum on bullies and bullying with parents, kids, and child psychologists.

Bullies are a Pain in the Brain

Trevor Romain (30 mins.)
This program addresses the characteristics of bullies and how to deal with them. Using humour and a fast-paced storyline, kids learn easy-to-implement solutions for their bullying problems. Special features include three music videos, and a resource guide for parents and educators.

Chrissa Stands Strong

Warner Home Videos (90 mins.)
Meet Chrissa Maxwell. She and her family have just moved, and she has to start at a new school mid-year. Will she fit in? Can she find new friends? On her very first day, Chrissa is seated with three girls who greet her with teasing and tricks. The Mean Bees really know how to sting, they bully her in class, on the bus, online, and even at swim club. When the biggest bully becomes Chrissa's swimming rival, the taunting finally goes too far. Now its up to Chrissa. Will she find a way to stand strong and stop the bullying? What Chrissa learns from her experience is that by speaking up, she can protect herself and make a huge difference at her school.

Conflict Resolution Series

Schlessinger Media (15-20 mins. each)
Students face many difficult situations in their day-to-day lives. With this Conflict Resolution Series students learn effective decision-making skills and coping strategies through the use of dramatizations or real-life situations, plus the opportunity to reflect on choices made by kids just like themselves. Topics explored include Bullying, Harassment, Peer Pressure and Sexual Harassment.

Bully Dance

Janet Perlman (10 mins.)
This short animated film examines the roles of peer pressure, accountability and power struggles in bullying – a pervasive phenomenon. When a bully picks on a smaller member of his group, the whole community becomes involved. The bully, they learn, is himself a victim at home.

Facing Differences

AboutFace (DVD)
This video and accompanying program guide with student activities will help you direct classroom learning on issues of diversity issues, especially the common thread of physical differences that weaves across many types of distinctions – disabilities, race, ethnicity, gender and body types. AboutFace is able to offer a complimentary copy of Facing Differences to elementary schools within Canada through the generosity of their sponsors.

Field of Vision

Gregg Champion (84 mins.)
High school football star Tyler McFarland is poised to lead his team to a state championship, but he faces a dilemma of conscience when he learns that two of his teammates are bullying Cory, a new kid on the team. The story takes a sanitized but honest look at bullying – viewers will come away with a better understanding of how this negative behavior can hurt others and cost the instigators their reputations and privileges in school.

It's a Girl's World

Lynn Glazier (52 mins.)
This classroom version of It's a Girl's World is a stand-alone series of six modules with helpful on-screen text guides to assist with discussion and activities. It is intended to promote a classroom discussion around the nature of social conflict in friendships, especially among girls. Each 5-10 minute module explores a different facet of social bullying ranging from what the behaviour looks like, to the role of power and control, to the consequences for the bully, the victim and the bystander.

When All the Leaves Are Gone

Alanis Obomsawin (17 mins.)
As the only First Nations student in an all-white 1940s school, eight-year old Wato is keenly aware of the hostility towards her. She deeply misses the loving environment of the reserve she once called home, and her isolation is sharpened by her father’s serious illness. When Wato’s teacher reads from a history book describing First Nations peoples as ignorant and cruel, it aggravates her classmates’ prejudice. Shy and vulnerable Wato becomes the target of their bullying and abuse. Alone in her suffering, she finds solace and strength in the protective world of her magical dreams.