COPA's Storybooks for Bullying Prevention

Toof and That Blanket, Specs and the Best Part, and Bouncy and the Any Kind At All Fish are part of COPA's picture-book series that promotes kindness, empathy, being an ally and principles of equity and social inclusion.

In Toof and That Blanket, young Toof experiences courageous self-assurance after being teased during the first days of school. Specs and the Best Part features the story of two young children who learn deeply about empathy, understanding and an invitation to friendship. In Bouncy And The Any Kind At All Fish, Bouncy learns about self-advocacy, assertiveness and being an ally in a bullying situation through a trip to the aquarium.

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The Annoying Team

Ilene Cooper and Colin Paine – Golden Books – 2002
Tim has a problem with a big bully named Jon. With the help of other teased kids, he starts a team to bug the bully back. But will being annoying ever be... annoying?
ISBN 0307265129

The Ant Bully

John Nickle – Scholastic Press – 1999
Lucas, the new kid on the block, is picked on by the neighbourhood bully and in turn terrorizes the ant colony. The ants create a potion that shrinks him to the size of an ant and put him on trial. His punishment is to live and work as an ant. Lucas learns about teamwork and the importance of friendship, and in end, saves the colony.
ISBN 0590395912

Ballerino Nate

Kimberly Bradley – Dial Books for Young Readers – 2006
Nate is determined to learn ballet and become a dancer. However, the influences around him suggest boys don't dance. Passionate about his desires, Nate perseveres and to his delight is finally introduced to an amazing man who gets paid to dance! This look at breaking down barriers and stereotyping is a fun read and sure to get lots of laughs while it inspires readers to follow their dreams, whatever they may be!
ISBN 0803729545

Bootsie Barker Bites

Barbara Bottner and Peggy Rathmann – G.P. Putnam's Sons – 1992
Don't be fooled by Bootsie's frilly dresses, charming accessories, and wide smile. The smile is actually a menacing grin, and, although Bootsie doesn't bite, she sure doesn't play "nice" either. The girl who narrates this story is Bootsie's unfortunate playmate.
ISBN 0399221255

Bye-Bye Big Bad Bullybug!

Ed Emberly – LB kids – 2007
Emberly takes on bullies in this companion to Go Away, Big Green Monster!
ISBN 0316017620


Janell Cannon – Harcourt – 2000
Tired of being picked on, Crickwing – a cockroach – trips a passing ant. Bad idea. The ants abduct him, and his adventure begins!
ISBN 0152017909

Dexter the Tough

Margaret Peterson Haddix and Mark Elliot – Simon & Schuster – 2006
Dexter hates his new school and everyone in it. He also hates that he has to live with his grandmother while his dad gets treatment for cancer. Even worse, he gets into a fight on his first day of school. A story of bullying, family, and friends.
ISBN 9781416911593

Eddie Longpants

Mirielle Levert – Groundwood Books/House of Anansi Press – 2005
Governor General Award winner, Mirielle Levert, creates a fresh and gentle book about bullying and learning to appreciate differences in ourselves and others.
ISBN 0888996713

Franklin is Bossy

Paulette Bourgeois – Scholastic, Inc. – 1993
When Franklin bosses all of his friends around, they decide they don’t want to play with him anymore. Franklin learns what it means to be a friend and the benefits friendship offers once he has lost it. After some soul searching and a talk with his father, Franklin decides the best course of action to take is to apologize and take off his bossy pants.
ISBN 1550741195

Free to Be You and Me: 35th Anniversary Edition

Marlo Thomas and Friends – Running Press Kids – 2008
This is a beautifully illustrated compilation of inspirational stories, songs, and poems that celebrate individuality, challenge stereotypes and empower both children and adults with the freedom to be who they want to be and to have compassion and empathy for others who may be different.
ISBN 978-0762430604

Give Maggie a Chance

Frieda Wishinsky – Fitzhenry & Whiteside – 2002
Maggie can read, and is eager to show her new teacher. However, when Maggie is called to the front of the class she can't utter a sound. Public speaking takes a lot of courage and it's even harder when there is a bully in your class who knows everything! Maggie dispels her fears while defending her friend Sam, a young cat with a stutter, who has supported her all along.
ISBN 1550416820

Happy Birthday to You, You Belong in a Zoo

Diane DeGroat – Morrow Junior Books – 1999
Lewis always teases Gilbert; so when Gilbert is invited to his birthday party, he goes armed with a plan to get even. A heartwarming story about bullies and birthdays.
ISBN 0688165443

Hooray for Wodney Wat

Helen Lester and Lynn Munsinger – Houghton Mifflin – 1999
Rodney Rat has a speech impediment which results in teasing from the other children on the playground. But when Rodney surprises himself and others by calling out a school bully, suddenly he becomes a hero.
ISBN 0395923921

Is It Because?

Tony Ross – Anderson Press – 2004
What makes Peregrine Ffrogg a bully? A boy and his dog wonder why Ffrogg constantly gives them trouble. Is it his name, or that he looks like a log? A book about bullies and empathy.
ISBN 1842702963

Jesse's Blessing

Judy Maus – 2003
Jessie's Blessing is a picture storybook and interactive CD for kids ages 3-7. AboutFace works to teach children about diversity, differences and acceptance. These resources were developed to appeal to both kids and educators with enticing stories, themes and curriculum specific activities.
ISBN 0973254904

Jungle Bullies

Steven Kroll and Vincent Nguyen – Marshall Cavendish – 2006
Why should a large animal get away with bullying a smaller one? That's what happens when Elephant takes Hippo's spot in the pond and causes a chain reaction. Luckily, Monkey's mother has just the right solution to the problem.
ISBN 9780761452973

Learning How to Appreciate Differences

Susan Kent – PowerKids Press – 2001
This volume of the Violence Prevention Library series explores the differences between people with an emphasis on the importance of following your interests, deciding what’s best for yourself, and standing up for the right of people to be different. The main message is that our differences are to be celebrated, not used as a way to exclude others.
ISBN 0823956172

Marvin and the Meanest Girl

Suzy Kline – Putnam – 2000
Marvin is a bit of a bully. His favourite pastime is calling people names. When Lucy Tinker joins his class she is an easy target and Marvin does his best to make her life miserable. Unwilling to take his teasing, Lucy stands up to him and the war is on. Friendship, bullying, enemies, and schoolyard relations are the dominant themes in this book for young readers.
ISBN 0399234098

Matthew and the Midnight Wrestlers

Allen Morgan and Michael Martchenko – Fitzhenry & Whiteside – 2005
The neighbourhood bully picks on Michael after each art class. Michael imagines a midnight adventure where, as "Slap Dash the Masher", he wrestles various artistically named opponents.
ISBN 0773760539

Mr. Lincoln's Way

Patricia Polacco – Philomel Books – 2001
In a school with a multicultural student body, "Mean Gene", the school bully, isolates himself in many ways. He picks on children who are different from himself, those who are younger, smaller, smarter and those with different skin colours. Can Mr. Lincoln, the beloved school principal, do something that will change his ways? This sensitive tale is a great resource for discussions on racism.
ISBN 0399237542

My Name is Bilal

Asma Mobin-Uddin and Barbara Kiwak – Boyds Mills Press – 2005
Bilal pretends to be "Bill Al" when he starts at a new school and witnesses other students' bullying of Muslim classmates. A sympathetic teacher, also Muslim, gives him a book about the first person to give the call to prayer during the time of the Prophet Muhammad – a man named Bilal. Through his struggle for identity, Bilal realizes the power of his beliefs and finds the courage to stand up for himself and others.
ISBN 1590781759

My Secret Bully

Trudy Ludwig – Tricycle Press – 2005
Monica's "friend" begins to bully her, calling her names and humiliating her in front of their classmates. With the help of her mother, Monica is able to reclaim her confidence. This title includes resources such as tips, discussion questions, and information for children on the topic. This is a great resource for teachers, parents, and children.
ISBN 1883991897

My Worst/Best Sleepover Party

Anna Morgan and Rachel Turkienicz – Second Story Press – 2007
Seven-year-old Rose's sleepover party plans become a nightmare when the two most popular girls in the class declare they won't attend if she invites her best friend Stacey. To top it off, they will also convince everyone else to stay away.
ISBN 9781897187203

Pocket Rocks

Sheree Fitch and Helen Flook – Orca Book Publishers – 2004
Ian is different and has trouble fitting in at school. He finds solace in a rock, which he keeps as a companion in his pocket. The rock takes him to a comforting fantasy world; so he collects more. Rocks fill his pickets, until, one day in the schoolyard, his pants fall down.
ISBN 1551432897

Recess Queen

Alexis O'Neill – Scholastic – 2002
Mean Jean the Recess Queen is the ruling schoolyard bully. Since no one dares cross her, she always gets her way – until Katie Sue decides to talk back. Readers will cheer and be cheered by this colorful, rhyming story with a winning finale.
ISBN 0439206375

Respect is Correct

Lindy Sky Grossman – Second Story Press – 2002
Published in conjunction with the Toronto Child Abuse Centre, the title from the I'm a Great Little Kid series focuses on instilling confidence, self-esteem, and respect in young children. Told in rhyme, this story is a great read-aloud and discussion-starter. It is a useful tool for dealing with bullies and those being teased. Pastel illustrations reflect the realities of primary classrooms across the country.
ISBN 1896764584

Stop Picking on Me: A First Look at Bullying

Pat Thomas – Barron's Educational Series – 2000
This book takes a candid look at bullying; the fears, worries, and questions surrounding this upsetting experience.
ISBN 0764114611

Thank you, Mr. Falker

Patricia Polacco – Philomel Books – 1998
Trisha cannot wait to learn to read. At school, pages continue to look jumbled up. People call her a "dummy". This autobiographical story thanks excellent teachers who take extra time and change the lives of their students.
ISBN 0399231668

The Weird! Series

Erin Frankel and Paula Heaphy – Free Spirit Pub. – 2012
This series of 3 books tell the story of an ongoing case of bullying from three 3rd graders’ perspectives. Luisa describes being targeted by bullying in Weird! Jayla shares her experience as a bystander in Dare! and in Tough!, Sam speaks from the point of view of someone initiating bullying. Kids will easily relate to each character and learn how to respond with the help of friends, peers, and caring adults.
ISBN 1575423987


Bullying No Way!

This Australian site covers the issue of bullying with an audience of children under 8 years old in mind. Features The Allen Adventure, an online game on the topic.

Kids Against Bullying

Pacer Center
This animated site on bullying will appeal to children with it's colourfulness and interactivity. Includes FAQs, games, videos and stories.

McGruff The Crime Dog

The National Crime Prevention Council
Children have the chance to help McGruff The Crime Dog solve problems related to bullying on this vibrant animated website. Features games, videos and advice.

Out on a Limb: A Guide for Getting Along

The University of Illinois
This website features an animated story to help children learn about conflict and bullying and explore how they can address these challenges in their own lives. Includes an online Teachers Guide.

Stop Bullying Kid's Website

US Department of Health and Human Services
This website features information, online animated videos and interactive games and activities all with the aim of teaching children about bullying.


The Ant Bully

John A. Davis (89 mins.)
The Ant Bully tells a witty and heartwarming story about a 10-year-old boy who embarks on a remarkable journey. New in town, friendless and tormented by a neighborhood bully, young Lucas Nickle has been taking out his frustration on the innocent ant hill in his yard. But one day the ants retaliate. Using a magic potion, they shrink Lucas down to ant size and sentence him to live like an ant in their colony. In this strange new world Lucas will learn important lessons about friendship, get a whole new perspective on life and ultimately find the courage to stand up for himself.

Bullies are a Pain in the Brain

Trevor Romain (30 mins.)
This program addresses the characteristics of bullies and how to deal with them. Using humour and a fast-paced storyline, kids will learn easy-to-implement solutions for their bullying problems. Special features include three music videos, and a resource guide for parents and educators.

Bully Dance

Janet Perlman (10 mins.)
This short animated film examines the roles of peer pressure, accountability and power struggles in bullying – a pervasive phenomenon. When a bully picks on a smaller member of his group, the whole community becomes involved. The bully, they learn, is himself a victim at home.

Door to Door

Zabelle Cote (4 mins.)
This silent animation presents the familiar situation of big kids bullying little ones in the schoolyard. This time, however, the little kids refuse to accept it and their constructive efforts in their own defence prove that might does not necessarily mean right.

Ludovic - Magic in the Air

Co Hoedeman (12 mins.)
It's autumn in all its glory and Ludovic is playing in the park. A bigger teddy bear knocks him down, and the little cub is rescued by a little girl teddy bear. Her kind gesture teaches Ludovic that the magic of friendship can help him face the fiercest bully.