Resources for Youth

Adios Barbie

This youth-friendly site has a tag line of "the body image site for everyone" but actually covers broader social issues. The menu bar along the top allows users to search for content on topics like Gender Roles, Race/Culture, Disabilities and LGBT. Worth a browse.

Anti-Oppression Primer for Youth

Introduces youth to the basic concepts of anti-oppression such as racism, sexism, colonialism and queer issues. A good starting point.

Ashoka's Youth Venture

Ashoka aims to encourage and enable young people to become changemakers through the act of taking initiative on an issue they care about and creating positive change. Through Ashoka’s Youth Venture program, nearly 5,000 teams of young people have launched and led their own community-serving ventures.

Do Something

An online not-for-profit organiaztion for young people who care about social change. The site helps activist youth connect with one another to tackle issues such as Discrimination, Homelessness and Human Rights.

Games for Change

Used as a testing ground for new games, this site offers single-player and multi-player games focused on social issues, such as human rights, economics, politics, and more. Run a farm, save ocean creatures, or investigate your animal instincts as a wolf. The list of games can be filtered by age range.

Hear Me Out

This COPA DVD on equity and inclusive education documents the short and long-term impact of social inequity (particularly racism, homophobia and sexism) when played out in a school milieu. Features Canadian students sharing their experiences.


IndyKids is a free newspaper, website and teaching tool that informs children about current news and world events from a progressive perspective and inspires a passion for social justice and learning. It is geared toward kids in grades 4 to 7.

Teen Talk: Discrimination

This website for Canadian teens includes a review of different kinds of discrimination. Includes sections What Can I Do If I’m Experiencing Discrimination? and How Can I Be An Ally?

Voices of Youth

This interactive blog allows children and young people from around the world to post content on issues that matter to them. Includes sections on Human Rights, Poverty and the Environment.

Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement

This website invited younth across Canada to contribute articles, stories and poems about their lives. Thematic topics covered include Violence, Poverty and Racism. Funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage and Status of Women Canada.