Lesson Plans and Tool Kits

COPA's Storybooks for Bullying Prevention

Toof and That Blanket, Specs and the Best Part, and Bouncy and the Any Kind At All Fish are part of COPA's picture-book series that promotes kindness, empathy, being an ally and principles of equity and social inclusion.

In Toof and That Blanket, young Toof experiences courageous self-assurance after being teased during the first days of school. Specs and the Best Part features the story of two young children who learn deeply about empathy, understanding and an invitation to friendship. In Bouncy And The Any Kind At All Fish, Bouncy learns about self-advocacy, assertiveness and being an ally in a bullying situation through a trip to the aquarium.

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Building Understanding about Classism

Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario, 2009.
A concise summary of classism as an equity issue in pamphlet form, containing resources, information and practical guidelines for discrimination prevention.

Children's Books about Disabilities

Teacher Vision – 2009
A list of children’s books on disabilities including tools enabling teachers to facilitate discussions with students about various forms of disabilities. Searchable by student grade range.

Differentiated Instruction

Verna Eaton – 1996
Differentiated instruction is a teaching approach whereby students’ individual needs can be met through one lesson plan. This can be an effective tool for enabling teachers to develop a culture of inclusion.

Discrimination and Stereotypes

Advocates for Youth
This site offers a compilation of lesson plans that aim to enable students to understand the implications of stereotyped thinking, as well as the impact of prejudice and discrimination.

Discussing Equity Issues: Suggestions for Teachers

Le Centre ontarien de prevention des agressions (COPA) and the Ontario Teachers’ Federation, 2009.
A list of suggested guidelines enabling teachers to raise issues related to equity and inclusion, and to facilitate discussions in a safe and healthy environment. Helpful ideas and examples of basic principles are provided.
(Suggestions Resource With Intro.pdf)

An Educator's Guide to Changing the World

Anne Curry-Stevens – 2003
This educational guide offers a wide menu of activities and workshops for teaching about power, oppression and social justice. Aimed at an adult audience but adaptable for students in Grades 7-12.

Everyone Is Able

Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, 2014.
A resource about abilities/disabilities that consists of a DVD and a CD containing a Guidebook. The project is designed to increase teacher and student sensitivity to issues around ability/disability and is adapted for the Primary, Junior and Intermediate levels.
(For information about how to order this resource, please see the order form.)

Flower Power Exercise

Wenh-In Ng
An invaluable tool for raising awareness about power and privilege, this activity helps educators facilitate discussions among themselves and/or their students about unpacking social identities and understanding how they affect our lived experiences.

Hear Me Out

This COPA DVD on equity and inclusive education documents the short and long-term impact of social inequity (particularly racism, homophobia and sexism) when played out in a school milieu. Features Canadian students sharing their experiences.

L'Arche Canada Educational Materials for Secondary School Teachers

Secondary school materials inspire youth with the vision of prominent Canadian Jean Vanier to help build a world where everyone belongs. Educational materials explore themes of belonging, bullying, loneliness, and creating an inclusive school environment.

The Learning Circle: Classroom Activities on First Nations in Canada

The Learning Circle has been produced to help meet Canadian educators’ growing need for elementary-level learning exercises on First Nations. The kit is organized in thematic units, each with its own teaching activities.

Media Watch

The goal of this website is to challenge stereotypes and other biased images commonly found in the media in order to raise awareness about racism, sexism and violence. Media Watch, which began in 1984, distributes educational videos, media literacy information and newsletters aimed at providing information to consumers of mass media.

People Power

Boys and Girls Clubs in Canada
People Power is a process whereby youth develop the skills for appreciating diversity and playing an active role in creating an inclusive society.

Social Justice Begins With Me

Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario
The children's literature that forms the basis for Social Justice Begins With Me provides an ideal entry point for developing understandings of inclusivity, critical thinking and advocacy. The kit includes activities for Primary, Junior and Intermediate students that are linked to the Ontario curriculum expectations.
To order copies ($45.00 CD, $65 kit) contact: apeer@etfo.org
More information about Social Justice Begins with Me Resource here.

A Sociometry of Oppression – Lesson Plan

Susan Diane
This lesson plan for high school students aims to develop empathy and introduce the concepts of privilege and oppression. In particular, the focus is on developing a better understanding of the complexity of individuals within our society.