Reference Materials

10 Things Men Can Do To Prevent Gender Violence

Jackson Katz
This brief online article reviews ten actions men can take to help prevent gender violence.


Gender and Education Association
This site provides links to resources on teaching and gender equity. Covers such topics as how teachers interact with male and female learners, how students interact with each other and feminist pedagogies in the classroom.

Gender Bias in Teaching

Kathryn Scantlebury
This article considers the effects of gender bias in teaching, currciculum and assessment and considers strategies for reducing gender bias in schooling.

Gender Equity Talk

This TedTalk by anti-sexist activist Jackson Katz talks about the broad issue of gender equity, including gender violence prevention. An instructive and inspiring listen.

Gender Equality in Schools

Oxfam – 2005
This paper discusses the ways in which curriculum and approaches to education around the world reflect and reproduce gender inequalities. It also provides a list of recommendations aimed at ensuring that education promotes gender equality.

Inclusive Schooling and Gender

Janice Wallace – Canadian Teachers’ Federation –2007
This study pinpoints the influence of gender in almost every aspect of education and recognizes schools as an important location for addressing gender inequity.

It's OK to Be Neither: Teaching That Supports Gender-Variant Children

Melissa Bollow Tempel
This thoughful online article reflects on how educators can teach in a way that includes and supports gender-variant children in their classrooms and schools.

Preventing Student Sexual Harassment

Wendy Schwartz – 2000
The article provides an overview of the literature related to peer sexual harassment in schools and provides guidelines for implementing school-based initiatives for sexual violence prevention.

Transgender & Gender Nonconforming Youth in Schools

Sylvia Rivera Law Project
Many public school administrators, faculty and staff have a lot of questions when working with students who are transgender or gender nonconforming. This fact sheet is designed to give basic information as it pertains to transgender and gender nonconforming students. Covers laws in New York City but guide is still relevant to schools in all regions

Understanding Patriarchy

Bell Hooks
This article by iconic feminist scholar Bell Hooks provides an introduction to the concept of patriarchy in society. A useful primer.

Violence Against Women and Girls

Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women
This webpage offers an introduction to the topic of violence against women and girls. Reviews the latest research and statistics and offers thoughts on combatting this social injustice.

Women's Inequality in Canada

Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action
Broad report on the inequities faced by Canadian women. Includes statistics and commentary.

Woman Abuse Affects Our Children

This video module and guide on woman abuse is designed for elementary teachers, principals, and support staff. The tools aim to facilitate the identification of children who have been or may be exposed to woman abuse and to provide appropriate support and referrals.
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