Lesson Plans and Tool Kits

Benefits of Being Male

Paul Kivel
This question and answer exercise highlights the everyday benefits of male priviledge. Excellent discussion starter.

Children's Books that Break Gender Role Stereotypes

National Association for the Education of Young Children – 2003
An annotated list of recommended children's books that challenge traditional notions of gender. Inspiring stories for the classroom.

Connections: Gender Equity Lesson Plans

Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario – 2008
This resource provides information and practical tools for the exploration and discussion of social justice and gender-related issues. The book features lesson plans for students in Kindergarten to Grade 8, as well as a variety of creative activities.
To order the full resource, call ETFO: 416-962-3836.
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Gender Equality Teaching Plans

This collection of teacher resources, including units, lesson plans, videos, multimedia, and stories, are intended to raise student awareness of the importance of gender equality. Useful for giving a global perspective to the issue.

Gender Representations in the Media

Media Smarts
This webpage offers a range of downloadable lesson plans for teachers to help their students develop critical thinking skills about the issue of gender representation in media formats from film and television to advertisments, newspapers and magazines.

The Joke's Over: Student to Student Sexual Harassment in Secondary Schools

Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation – 1995
This package contains resource materials developed to assist teachers and all members of the school community in understanding what sexual harassment is and how to put in place strategies in order to eliminate it.
To order ($20.00 for members, $30.00 for non-members) call: 416-751-8300 Ext. 528.
Resource info: osstf.on.ca

The Power of Story

Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO) – 2002
This collection of lesson plans uses the power of stories to encourage students in Grades K-8 to reflect on their day-to-day lives and question the meaning of their experiences. In particular, it links the experiences of Canadian girls and women to the Ontario curriculum.
Vol: I (etfo.ca)
Vol: II (etfo.ca)

Prevention Programs Addressing Youth Dating Violence

Resolve – University of Calgary
This webpage reviews various school-based programs for the prevention of violence against girls and young women, including dating violence, sexual assault and sexual harassment. Provides clear descriptions and contact information for educators wishing to contract any of the programs for their school.

Reflections of Me

The Body Image Project
The Body Image Project is an integrated, research-based, whole-school curriculum package designed for Kindergarten to Grade 8 classrooms. This program assists teachers in ensuring that children in all elementary grade levels develop positive body image and self-esteem.
To order ($20.00 per grade K-6, $50 per grade 7-8) call: 416-962-3836.

Roots of Equality: Gender-based Violence Prevention Education

Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario – 2007
The Roots of Equality kit has two components: The first is a set of resources and activites for students in Grades 1-8 that aim to help educators foster healthy, equal friendships and dating relationships that are free from violence. The second is an outline of a 60-minute preventative gender-based violence workshop for girls in Grades 7 and 8.
Grade 7-8 Girls Workshop (etfo.ca)
Grades 1-8 Resources (etfo.ca)

Sexual Assault Lesson Plan

Calgary Health Region – 2008
This lesson plan focuses on defining sexual assault, and examining attitudes and misunderstandings about the issue. Aimed at Grade 9 students but could be adapted for slightly older and younger grades as well.

Sexy Inc.: Our Children Under Influence

Sophie Bissonnette – 2007
A 35 minute documentary by Sophie Bissonnette that analyzes the hyper-sexualization of our environment and its noxious effects on young people. Watchable online.
(nfb.ca )

A Short Checklist for the Gender-Inclusive Classroom

Brandeis University
This useful checklist offers concrete suggestions on how to create a gender-inclusive classroom.

Lesson Plans on Gender

Teaching Tolerance
This website provides free educational materials on various social justice topics for teachers and other school staff. This particular section focuses on lesson plans and classroom acitivities about gender equity and gender expression. Note that all the activities are searchable by age, subject and grade level.
Lesson Plans on Gender Equity (tolerance.org)
Lesson Plan on Gender Expression (tolerance.org)

What Are Stereotypes and Gender Roles?

Advocates for Youth – 1995
This chapter of classroom activities provides students with opportunities to discuss gender discrimination and consider how such stereotyping effects them and their relationships. Suitable for Grades 7-12.

Promoting Healthy Equal Relationships

White Ribbon Campaign – 2008
Interactive exercises designed to help teach and promote healthy, equal relationships among and between boys and girls. The tools meet Ontario curriculum expectations and are specifically formulated for use with students from Grades 5-8.