Who Gets Bullied

There is no logic or common element to who gets bullied. Students who bully are seeking power and choose to target others to gain that power.

A bully’s attentions may be drawn by anything. A manner of speaking, (especially for students who are not perceived as sufficiently masculine or feminine), success in school, socio-economic factors, or a physical or intellectual exceptionality, for example, can result in a student being targeted. How people act, who they associate with, even the way they look or the clothes they wear can draw a bully’s attention and turn someone into a target of bullying. The logic is only a perception of the person who bullies, rather than any fault of the person who is targeted.

Ironically, responsible, respectful students who possess a low propensity to violence, a mature level of emotional development, and a preference to resolve conflict with dialogue can be targeted for these very qualities. In the face of bullying, these same students are often labeled as “too sensitive,” “passive,” “timid,” or “meek.”