Taking Action

Being an ally is similar to being the witness or champion who takes action to interrupt bullying (see Peers Supporting Peers). The leap from thought to action is crucial and courageous, even when the act itself is tiny.

There are many ways to take action. We may be engaging in advocacy, by standing up for the rights of others (while respecting the voices and personal power of those who are most vulnerable). We may be directly involved as activists in organized efforts to bring about social or political change. We may be working to build community and develop social networks, breaking isolation and increasing peer support. Or we may have chosen one of an infinite number of other ways to take action with the goal of increasing equity and inclusion in our school or community.

  • Many schools have initiated groups comprised of LGBTQ and straight students and facilitated by a teacher, known as “Gay-Straight Alliances”. These groups can be active in a variety of ways within their schools to build awareness and increase equity and promote inclusive education for marginalized LGBTQ students. The impact can be significant and extremely positive, especially for those students who are most vulnerable to homophobia and gender discrimination (see Adam and Sabrina).