Promoting Diversity

Creating an environment for discussion that actively recognizes and honours diversity encourages students to embrace their own identities. Such an environment fosters pride and self-acceptance, leading to self-confidence. It also establishes respect for others’ differences as a core value. All of this plants the seeds for character development.

Throughout the discussion, we can encourage open and accepting discussion about our human differences (language, religion, age, physical appearance, tastes, style, sexual orientation, intellectual and physical ability, ethnicity and so on). We can simultaneously celebrate and honour that which unites us and makes us similar.

Saying It
  • "The film we just saw speaks to ways some young people have become involved in their communities. Does anyone have any other examples to share about youth involvement in communities they know about?"
  • "Thank-you for sharing with the class how important it is for children to listen to their parents in your religion. Would anyone else like to tell us about how decisions get made in their family?"