Recognizing Our Errors

I think a huge thing that adults can do is let youth know that they don’t have all the answers. Adults need to tell youth, “we don’t have all the answers but we can learn, we can figure it out and we can do it together".

– High school student

As we commit to learning with students, we can model our willingness to openly and humbly recognize and assume our errors. In so doing, we are actively demonstrating our conscious stance as allies—adults who are choosing to share our power with students for the greater cause of collective learning and growth, and of youth empowerment.

Nevertheless, we do not need to put ourselves down. Being humble does not mean being self-abasing. We can speak with dignity and clarity, inviting others to explore with us and framing it as a learning opportunity for ourselves and for the group.

Saying It
"Wow! Did I ever let my biases show in that comment! Did anyone notice the assumption I just made?"