Sample School Surveys

School climate surveys are an essential first step to accomplish a variety of necessary functions. The students, staff, and, if possible, the community are surveyed anonymously to discover the nature, extent, location, and frequency of bullying in the school. These surveys articulate the specific behaviours that constitute bullying, emphasize that the school is serious about eliminating bullying, and provide a snapshot of the state of bullying in the school, a reference point against which the effectiveness of the bullying prevention program can later be gauged.

The sample surveys presented here have been reproduced with permission from their respective authors. We thank the following for sharing these excellent resources with us:

  • Catholic Principals’ Council of Ontario (CPCO)
  • Ontario Principals’ Council (OPC)
  • Les Parsons and Pembroke Publishers for the surveys from Bullied Teacher: Bullied Student (2005)

The Ontario Ministry of Education has several school climate surveys posted on its website in English and French. Links to these surveys have also been provided in the appropriate sections.